Malibu California Beach Vacation

If you’re planning a trip to the Malibu California coast, be sure to choose a hotel that is close to the beach. There are many Malibu California beach vacation accommodations to choose from, including Zuma Beach, Topanga, Westward Beach, and El Matador State Park. While staying at one of these Malibu California beach vacation hotels, Read More


Malibu Cost of Living

How much does it cost to live in Malibu? First, you should determine the median household income in Malibu. This figure is 150,747, which is more than 100% higher than the state average. You will need to factor in your monthly housing and debt expenses, daily expenses, and savings and investment goals. You can also Read More


Malibu Vista Real Estate

If you are looking for a commercial property for sale in Malibu Vista, California, you’ve come to the right place. This small, unincorporated community is located in Los Angeles County and has low property taxes, excellent schools, and a residential treatment center for women with substance abuse issues. To learn more about Malibu Vista real Read More


Point Mugu State Park

Located in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, Point Mugu State Park features rugged shorelines, tidal lagoons, and coastal sand dunes. Point Mugu State Park is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Read on to learn more about this Southern California state park. Listed below are some of its top attractions: Sycamore Canyon Campground Read More


Take a Malibu Beach Trip

Take a Malibu Beach Trip if you want to experience the ultimate luxury lifestyle. Located just 7 miles northwest of Santa Monica, Malibu is the ultimate destination for luxury lifestyle. Known for its beautiful coastline and celebrity inhabitants, Malibu is a perfect getaway for those looking for a high-end lifestyle. Visit between May and September, Read More


Top 10 Hikes in Malibu State Park

Spreading across Ventura and Los Angeles Counties, Malibu State Park is a study in contrasts with hills and flatlands. Hiking and photography enthusiasts will find this place a delight year-round. Spring and fall are particularly beautiful seasons for the park. Explore the many trails and hike along the creeks to get a real feel for Read More